Bonded Nd-Fe-B Magnets

Bonded Nd-Fe-B Magnets consists of rapidly quenched Nano NdFeB magnetic powder and polymer binder. Our Bonded NdFeB magnets are mainly applied in motors and sensors for IT, OA, Intelligence appliances, Automobile industries.

  • Demagnetization Curves

  • Surface Treatment

  • Magnetic Properties

  • Manufacturing Process

  • Dimensional Tolerance

  • Applications

  • Product Features

Demagnetization Curves

Surface Treatment

Innuovo provides high quality Epoxy and Acrylic electrophoresis, Epoxy and Teflon spray, Parylene surface treatment, to guarantee our products application in harsh environments. Surface treatment solution for one application can be adjusted according to practical environment.

Magnetic Properties

Manufacturing Process

Dimensional Tolerance


  • Vehicle motor

    Vehicle motor



    Intelligence appliance

    Intelligence appliance



    Office Automation

    Office Automation

Product Features

Magnet Assembly

With rich experiences we build magnetic assemblies in combination with rotators, stators, rollers and other metal/plastic parts by injection and gluing techniques.

A whole line of specifications

Innuovo owns a complete set of equipment with a whole line of pressing machines like 3T, 6T, 16T, 40T, 100T, 315T and a self-owned mold workshop for fast delivery and various dimensional requirements.

Multi-poles Magnetization

With 20 year experience in designing magnetizing tools, Innuovo could design the most matched magnetic circuit to our customer application. We apply advanced magnetized technology to improve the magnetic efficiency to its saturation state, i.e. magnetize multi-poles on the inner side and outside, plane side of the magnet, and also screw-type magnetization, radial magnetization etc.